Whatapps Hattı

Mast Flags

Turkish mast flag and your company logo flags are produced in all size standards. In the manufacture of Mast Flag;

  • Alpaca
  • Raschel
  • Satin

fabrics are used.



Raşel Alpaka Saten
20x30cm   20x30cm   20x30cm  
30x45cm    30x45cm    30x45cm   
40x60cm 40x60cm 40x60cm
50x75cm  50x75cm  50x75cm 
70x105cm  70x105cm  70x105cm 
80x120cm  80x120cm  80x120cm 
100x150cm 100x150cm 100x150cm
150x225cm  150x225cm  150x225cm 
200x300cm  200x300cm  200x300cm 
300x450cm  300x450cm  300x450cm 
400x600cm  400x600cm  400x600cm 
500x750cm 500x750cm 500x750cm
600x900cm 600x900cm 600x900cm
800x1200cm  800x1200cm  800x1200cm 
1000x1200cm  1000x1200cm  1000x1200cm 
1500x22500cm 1500x22500cm 1500x22500cm